Notice Board:


Residents are advised of a proposed electricity shutdown on SUNDAY, 21 OCTOBER 2018, between the hours of 08h00 and 16h00, in various areas of Nelson Mandela Bay, caused by the temporary shutdown of the College Drive Substation, to allow repairs and maintenance to be carried out on a local transformer.  

Areas affected: Mill Park, St. Georges Park (only end of College Drive Road), Glendinningvale, Greenacres, Scotstown.

Streets affected: Ascot Road, Barris Walk Street, Bradshaw Street, Churchill Road, College Drive, Conyngham Road, Cape Road, Dene Road, Fairford Road, Highbeech Road, Lenox Street, McLean Road, Mill Park Road, Mortimer Road, Nightingale Street, Ramsay Lane, Salisbury Avenue, Wares Road, Way Avenue, Wembley Road, Westview Drive, Woodville Road, Young Road. 

All installations must be treated as live for the duration of the outage. - Apologies are tendered for any inconvenience caused.

  Questions And Answers

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1. What is a Chart of Accounts?

A Chart of Accounts (COA)  is also known as a General Ledger or a master list  of posting  accounts.

2. What is mSCOA?

SCOA is an acronym for a Standard Chart of Accounts  which is a National reform that has been promulgated by Gazette No. 37577 dated 22 April 2014, called the  Standard Chart of Accounts for Local Government Regulations,2014. The "m” in the acronym distinguishes between a Municipal Standard Chart of Accounts and a Provincial/National Standard Chart of Accounts.

3. Who is affected by mSCOA?

The Regulation on mSCOA indicates that it affects all Municipalities and their entities.

4. What is the purpose of mSCOA?

The introduction of a Standard Chart of Accounts for Municipalities (mSCOA), will  , inter alia,:
  1. Aid transparency; accountability and overall governance in the daily; monthly and yearly activities of municipalities;


  2. Aid the standardization of  278 different municipal ‘charts of accounts’ (COA ) ;


  3. Improve the quality of municipal information that is compromised , will introduce an  uniform classification of revenue and expenditure items ;


  4. Enhance monitoring and oversight by Councils,  DCoG, Treasuries and legislatures;


  5. Comparability of information across Municipalities, i.e. Benchmarking, standards and measures

5. Will mSCOA affect my payment to /from the NMBM?

No, mSCOA will not affect any payment owed by you/to you. Its aim is to standardise how all Municipalities classify their financial data, i.e. it introduces a standardised classification of a Chart of Accounts (General Ledger) across   all  Municipalities .

6. What change(s) is expected of my company?

In order to facilitate the identification of  which General Ledger posting account to use when processing an Invoice from your company ,the Description on the Invoice that is submitted to the NMBM for goods delivered/services rendered must be detailed and accurate, i.e. do not use descriptions like "Services Rendered/Miscellaneous Work done/Various,” etc. The exact description of what goods were delivered or services rendered must appear on each Invoice.

7. Where can I view the Regulations on mSCOA ?

To view the Regulation click on the document Library icon above, select the Regulations folder and click on the Municipal Regulations on Standard Chart of Accounts file or click on the following link :

8. Where can I send further questions or comments to?

Please send any question(s)/comment(s)   to "Talk To Trevor (CFO)” at